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Well, hi there!

Geez, I’m such a good blogger… NOT!!
Last blog entry in 2013, more than a year ago. LOL

Okay, in the meantime we moved to a much smaller and older house due to the fact that our landlord wanted to sell his house to his daughter.
We moved into my in-laws house, more than twice as small so we have a lot of storage units.
We moved right on the PA/MD line. Our house is in MD and the neighbors across the street are in PA.
Pretty cool but extremely confusing for the delivery guys as the MD house numbers are different from the PA side but yet the same street name.
They’re getting better though now that they know.

Okay, big changes to the business.
I added a second DJ last year, my good friend, Ralph, decided to help out DJ’ing which allows us to offer two events on one day.
This year I started a business collaboration with two professional photographers and a professional videographer to offer their services through the company as well.
Just recently I decided to also start Photo Booth service and found another team member to operate that.
Now our Triple-T team consists of 6 people and we recently shot a professional promo video which can be found on the Entertainment web site (

Not much else to tell, it’s been a busy year for the entertainment and the technology side of the business has not seen any change other than a small project for a new ad-hoc client and a proposal for a fairly big project for another prospect but they decided to wait until they acquired the entire site.

Tanya is well and we adopted another little stray kitten (indoor/outdoor) who walked up to our front porch and never left.
We named him Purrby.


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How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

This is a really good blog. Spot on!


wedding 2
Photo Credit: Suni Danielle Photography

Today my wife Lindsay and I celebrate our two year anniversary. Two years ago, we tied the knot and took the plunge. Two years ago, the cutest girl in Indiana was taken off the market! Two years ago, we launched the beginning of the rest of our lives. Two years ago…

And after two years, there’s no hiding behind the dinner-and-a-movie façade of dating life any longer. I can’t buy enough flowers to conceal it. I can’t open enough doors. I can’t say enough “I love you’s.” She knows (and painfully, so do I) that she married the wrong person.

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Facebook Games

Okay, I just had to write a little something about this subject.

Like many, I enjoy playing a few games on Facebook. Just to chill and focus on something else.
I’ve noticed quite a few games have been created to bring out the addictive nature in people.
I admit, it’s addicting to play some of those games.

In the past the popularity of games like Farmville and Farmtown were soaring and I was an avid “farmer” myself.  But I lost interest and it was too time consuming to keep up with my big farms.

Now there’s the “hot” games from King like Candy Crush Saga and the new one Farm Heroes Saga.
Really people, you can give lives as much as you can but if you are at the max of 5 lives they are not adding to your total so the whole life giving is totally useless.

Okay, but here’s the scoop. King has programmed those games the further up you get in levels the levels become nearly impossible to complete.
Yeah, they offer you all sorts of power ups which you need to buy with REAL DOLLARS!!!
Only to advance a level in a virtual game???
It’s just a game, don’t waste your money.
The only time you pay real dollars for a game if you have a chance to win REAL DOLLARS.
FB games don’t let you win real dollars.
I have dropped, abandoned, and blocked other games because they became nearly impossible to advance in without spending cash.  I’m getting close in Candy Crush and Farm Heroes too.

I like advancing in games, not standing still for weeks at a time.

In reality people, King makes enough money on in-game advertising so don’t fall for the “buy power-ups” trap. It can make you poor and the King execs richer.

To all you FB gamers out there: Happy gaming.
To all the people who buy power-ups: Quit! While you still can.

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Spring 2013

Wow, November since my last blog post.
Well, we had a long cold, windy, and wet winter. It wasn’t bad at all with snow and such but it was just long.
Spring just didn’t want to start.

Last year the tree in our front yard was blooming in the middle of March. This year it wasn’t until the middle of April.
In Washington, DC they had the Cherry Blossom Festival without the Cherry Blossom around the tidal basin.

Now, finally spring has started and we’re getting some warmer weather. It started with a bang with a few days of 90 degree weather and then it settled into spring-like temperatures.
Last week I mowed the grass for the first time this season and the trees are starting to fill in with leaves.
This is always a great sight to see everything come back to life.

What has happened since November?
First, I had a wedding to DJ on December 1st for Ashley Anderson. A woman who has been diagnosed last year February with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she is determined to fight it.
It was an honor to be the DJ at her wedding in the beautiful setting of the Historic McFarland House in Martinsburg, WV.

We had Thanksgiving at a friend’s house and it was very nice and Christmas Eve at another friend’s house and Christmas Day at another friend’s house. So, we’ve been running around with the holidays.

On New Year’s Eve I had to DJ at the Western Maryland Sportsman’s Club at the river for their New Year’s Eve Party.
I was sick as a dog but, of course, you do not cancel a New Year’s Eve party. So, kleenex, medicin, and aspirin behind the table I played into 2013.
The next day both Tanya and me ended up in urgent care.
I had bronchitis and upper respiratory infection and Tanya ended up with pleuracy.
This took a couple of weeks to all clear up. Just in time for a wedding on January 19.

Today the amount of bookings for 2013 has tied the total bookings for 2012 and it’s only April.
I’ll have my first “wedding season” gig this Saturday in Martinsburg, WV and others are following frequently.

Ralph has joined the DJ-side of the business and he’s also going to help DJ some gigs. I’m very excited about this because it results in less no’s that I have to give.

All in all, we’re just going on with our daily life and tomorrow our oldest kitty, Mika, is turning 18!!!
Happy Birthday, Mika.

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In the news: Petraeus, McAfee

Okay, in the news with big headlines, the whole Petraeus saga.

Yesterday I was driving to a client and had WTOP (Washington, DC news station) on the radio.
The first thing that struck me was that they called it a sex scandal. Really?
So now an affair is called a sex scandal?

I do think that what he did to his wife was wrong and I also think that the FBI should investigate what he has exchanged with his mistress since he was the head guy of intelligence as a matter of security.
But what about what he shared with his wife, why isn’t that a security risk?
Then there is the other woman, yeah, investigate her too and the other general who had contact with her.
Heck, let’s just investigate everybody who has had contact with Petraeus, his mistress, his wife, the other woman, the other general.

Here’s another example of the press just jumping on a story like vultures and blowing things out of proportion.

And then there is John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Anti-Virus software.
This guy is so out of touch with reality, I think paranoia is the right word for him.

His neighbor got killed execution style after he legibly poisoned McAfee’s dogs.
The dogs were already buried when police came to talk to McAfee and McAfee buried himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head to hide from the police because he is afraid the police will kill him.
Seriously? Paranoia 101.
So, do you think his dog story is not paranoia?

This is a 67 year old guy who likes to hang out with 17 year old girls.
He still has a few millions left so those girls love it.
Uh, McAfee, that’s a little sick, isn’t it?

And you trust your virus protection to McAfee?

Just kidding, he hasn’t been involved with the company for many years now.
I wonder if they are going to rename the company now.

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Natural beauty


This is one of the positive things I focus on. What I talked about in this morning’s blog entry. I just wanted to share.

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Elections over, now let’s unite again

So the elections are over and America has chosen to keep Barack Obama in office for another 4 years.
I know that many don’t agree with this decision and that’s the beauty of our democracy. We CAN have our own opinions and beauty of this country is that we can express them freely.

I’ve seen many politically oriented and motivated posts on Facebook. Positive and negative.
Negative expressions, I believe, is the sign of the times we are living in.  There’s a lot of negative going on in the world and in our country these days.
We have wars being fought, an economy that seems to be in a low standstill, high gas prices, higher prices in the grocery stores, high unemployment, a big deficit.

I can say, understandably people tend to be negative in difficult times like this.
But only if you let yourself.
In times like these I try to ban negativity from my own life by looking at the good things I have in life or count my blessings if you’d like to put it that way.
Good things in my life, my health (even though my age does bring some quirks in health), my beautiful wife whom I love dearly and unconditionally, my kittykids as I call them, my work (even though it has declined), my hobbies, a roof over my head and food on the table, my family (my mom and dad, sister and brother, and extended family), my friends, the joy I get from a beautiful rising and setting sun, my freedom, and my music.

Now that the elections are over we can do two things:

1. We can continue to be negative about the results
2. We can turn that negative energy into positive energy and unite again for the future.

The second option will also show politicians that Americans can work together, be friends, and be nice regardless of political opinion. Maybe that will trigger something in them saying if the American people can unite then why can’t we. And then, maybe, they will actually unite and as a team work on and fix the issues our country is facing.

I myself had not had any say in these elections and kind of looked on from the sideline because as a legal immigrant with Dutch citizenship I’m not allowed to vote in federal elections.
I just want to say that I don’t really care who gets in office.
As long as that person can bring the two parties together and work as a team then that person will have my support.
I do think our economy should be priority #1 and all the other little things can wait unless absolutely necessary.

It’s now November 8 and I’m preparing for a wedding to DJ this Saturday. It’s gonna be a fun wedding: 80’s theme.
That’s my era! Love the 80’s music and it’s gonna be a great time.

Ciao for now my friends (democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, etc. I love you all)
Until next time.

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Presidential Election and my view on it

I wanted to blog about this subject for a while. Some of you may have already seen my views on several posts on Facebook.

First, since I am a Dutch citizen and a legal resident of the United States I cannot vote in American elections.
This doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion of course.

This brings me directly to my first opinion.
I find it really strange that, as a legal resident of the US, I cannot vote for the leaders of the country I live in.
I pay taxes, pay social security, contribute to the economy of the US but have no say in who should represent me in office.
Of course some people may say that I can vote in the Dutch elections but what good is that going to do for me?
I don’t live there, I don’t pay taxes there, I don’t contribute to their economy so voting there is useless for me.
Other people may say that I should become a US citizen.  Here is what I have to say about that:

Becoming a US citizen a) costs money and b) you have to take a test that most Americans won’t even pass themselves.
I do very bad on tests. I can know all the material but at the moment of the test my mind goes blank and I fail the test.
It took many written tests for driving licenses (both here and in Holland) for me to finally pass it.
I know I will eventually do it and become an American citizen.

Okay, back to the elections.
This year it is Barack Obama against Mitt Romney for the presidential elections.
Like every elections we get bombarded with ads on the radio and TV and every time I get sick to my stomach when I hear ads that are so focused on saying how bad the other person is and how bad they do.  I call them “bash-the-other-guy” ads. It makes me sick and there are so many of them which also makes me sick.
To me every politician that engages in or endorses that kind of advertising gets no respect from me.
I want to hear what you are going to do for the American people.

Media attention on elections (especially by CNN) is just way over the top.  It’s almost like there is no other news out there anymore.
When I open the CNN app on my cell phone, the top stories tab all have to do with the elections.  I have to go to the US tab to actually see other news.

And then the phone calls. Our number is listed on the do-not-call list from the government but politicians during election time constantly call us with recorded messages.
Either they are exempt from the do-not-call list themselves or they are simply ignoring the list.
Either way that practice is inexcusable.

So, the numerous negative ads, the extensive media attention, and the unwanted phone calls are three reasons I hate election time.

Then there is Facebook.
I enjoy reading status updates of my friends on Facebook but during election time I see so many political posts (I have shared some myself too) but some people just post too much about the elections.
Some people’s posts are the same as the negative ads I hate so much. I understand you have an opinion but posts that compare candidates to Hitler is just going too far.
Posts using the N-word for Barack Obama is ridiculous.
One of the main things I learned when I grew up is to have respect for other people. Shooting a candidate down on such a level is disturbing.

Now for the candidates.
Barack Obama has promised a lot of things when he was elected four years ago.
Some things he has accomplished, some things he has not. Health Care for everyone for instance was passed. Though I think it’s a good thing for every American to have health insurance, it should not be at the cost of the current insured who have seen their health insurance premiums go up.
Nor do I think people should be forced to have health insurance. What if you are struggling (very easy in this economy) and you have to choose between putting food on the table or pay your health insurance. Easy choice, right? Well, that choice will now cost you.
Other promises President Obama made were simply shot down and blocked by the other party because they have a majority in congress or the senate.
This will not change if Mitt Romney should become president. Democrats will then do everything to block and shoot down anything he brings to the table.

And that is where the fundamental problem is.
No matter who is in office, the other party will make it so difficult for the president.
This party-war is, in my opinion, the reason why our economy is in a virtual standstill and not a whole lot improves.
I believe that if both parties would simply put aside their differences for as long as it takes to fix the economy and put their heads together as a TEAM we could actually see improvements in the economy.

Honestly, I am little worried if Mitt Romney becomes president he may send us in another senseless war somewhere where more American soldiers will lose their lives and where the world is going to hate America even more.

As for President Obama, I don’t know how much he would be able to accomplish if the blocking of the other party continues.

I believe we should bring all our troops home and stop trying to solve other countries’ problems which will only make the world hate us.
It will save us money by not wasting our military material overseas. Deploy the troops here to really make our own country’s borders safe.
Illegal immigration needs to stop and it needs to stop right now!
It makes me mad to see illegal immigrants get all sorts of privileges and I had to go through stacks of paper work to come here legally.
I say, do not penalize the illegal immigrants that are here but send them back and tell them they can come back the legal way.
This will open up more jobs for legal unemployed who will pay taxes. It helps the unemployment and it helps with tax revenue.
Bring jobs from overseas back to US. IT companies are prime examples. Every software and hardware manufacturer’s tech support is in India.
Bring those jobs back to the US if you are a US company.
Manufacturing can be difficult as it will cost more to manufacture the products here and it will be hard to compete with overseas based companies but we should try.

What happened to the alternative fuel plan so widely discussed 4 years ago. bring that back and actually work on it.

So, there you have it. My opinion.
Good luck with the elections America, choose wisely.


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New Site, New Blog

Okay after being on Blogspot for a while I switched because as Google took over Blogger and Google and Facebook fight a cold war causing Facebook to drop the automatic sharing of blog posts to FB I needed something that does the auto sharing and here it is (I hope).  I’ll have to see if and how that works and also see if somehow I can import my Blogspot posts back in here.

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November 1, 2012

It’s the first day of November.
Yesterday was Halloween which never brings us any kids to our door as we live in the country and our driveway is a quarter mile long.
I just enjoyed the pictures posted on Facebook by my friends of their kids dressed up for Halloween.

A few days ago hurricane Sandy hit the north eastern shore with a high category 1.
The devastation it left on the shore is enormous. In the US almost 60 people dead in addition to the amount of people dead in the Caribbean.
Many flooding and in New York City the subway tunnels are filled up with water.
A lot of damage and it’s going to take a while before everyone is recovered.
Wall Street was closed for two days in a row, something that hasn’t happened since the late 1800’s.

The storm went over our area but I think we were shielded from the worst winds by the mountain range right in front of us.  Thank God for that.
We did get a lot of rain and it rained two and half days straight.
Our road was closed for a while from Monday night until Tuesday mid-day due to it being flooded.
Many roads in our area were flooded and closed.

Tuesday night I went to feed the kitties at mom and dad’s house and found the basement flooded with water.
Dad’s improvised sump pump was pumping but what I didn’t know was that he would connect a pipe and some corners to guide it out the basement window if it was necessary.
Needless to say, I found out how he did it and once I had it connected most of the water was pumped out quickly.
Other than that there was no damage there either.

Since my last post I have DJ’ed a wedding in Chambersburg, PA and a birthday party in Frederick, MD.  Both gigs were quite successful and I received very good reviews from the clients.
Next gig will be on November 10 in Hagerstown, MD.

On the tech front, Apple introduced the iPad Mini (a 7 inch iPad to compete with the Kindle) but I think its price tag is too steep to really compete as you can get a full size iPad for only $70 more.
Microsoft introduced Windows 8, the Surface RT tablet, and Windows Phone 8.
I have already installed Windows 8 on a client’s Samsung tablet and it works very good.
Of course I already ran Windows 8 beta on my computer since February but now have the final version installed.

Kimmy Cougar, the neighbor’s cat has made our front porch her home and Tanya has been making comfortable and warm spots on the front porch for her to sleep. Of course we cannot let her inside or we will have 6 cats going crazy.
We do not feed her as this will cause her to never leave. With the exception of Monday night with the storm and the rain that was relentless.
She always brings her trophies to the front door for us to see what she caught.
Of course it is quite disgusting when she starts to eat her trophies right in front of our door.

We had an exterminator come out to take care of the yellow jackets nest that apparently was in the wall of the sun room and caused many bees inside.
He treated the entrance of the nest with a powder and sprayed the openings inside the sun room as well as all the windows and doors outside.
Haven’t seen any bees in the house since.

Okay, back to work.  Ciao folks, until next time.

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