Posted by: htenhoope | October 21, 2014

Well, hi there!

Geez, I’m such a good blogger… NOT!!
Last blog entry in 2013, more than a year ago. LOL

Okay, in the meantime we moved to a much smaller and older house due to the fact that our landlord wanted to sell his house to his daughter.
We moved into my in-laws house, more than twice as small so we have a lot of storage units.
We moved right on the PA/MD line. Our house is in MD and the neighbors across the street are in PA.
Pretty cool but extremely confusing for the delivery guys as the MD house numbers are different from the PA side but yet the same street name.
They’re getting better though now that they know.

Okay, big changes to the business.
I added a second DJ last year, my good friend, Ralph, decided to help out DJ’ing which allows us to offer two events on one day.
This year I started a business collaboration with two professional photographers and a professional videographer to offer their services through the company as well.
Just recently I decided to also start Photo Booth service and found another team member to operate that.
Now our Triple-T team consists of 6 people and we recently shot a professional promo video which can be found on the Entertainment web site (

Not much else to tell, it’s been a busy year for the entertainment and the technology side of the business has not seen any change other than a small project for a new ad-hoc client and a proposal for a fairly big project for another prospect but they decided to wait until they acquired the entire site.

Tanya is well and we adopted another little stray kitten (indoor/outdoor) who walked up to our front porch and never left.
We named him Purrby.


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