Posted by: htenhoope | May 10, 2013

Facebook Games

Okay, I just had to write a little something about this subject.

Like many, I enjoy playing a few games on Facebook. Just to chill and focus on something else.
I’ve noticed quite a few games have been created to bring out the addictive nature in people.
I admit, it’s addicting to play some of those games.

In the past the popularity of games like Farmville and Farmtown were soaring and I was an avid “farmer” myself.  But I lost interest and it was too time consuming to keep up with my big farms.

Now there’s the “hot” games from King like Candy Crush Saga and the new one Farm Heroes Saga.
Really people, you can give lives as much as you can but if you are at the max of 5 lives they are not adding to your total so the whole life giving is totally useless.

Okay, but here’s the scoop. King has programmed those games the further up you get in levels the levels become nearly impossible to complete.
Yeah, they offer you all sorts of power ups which you need to buy with REAL DOLLARS!!!
Only to advance a level in a virtual game???
It’s just a game, don’t waste your money.
The only time you pay real dollars for a game if you have a chance to win REAL DOLLARS.
FB games don’t let you win real dollars.
I have dropped, abandoned, and blocked other games because they became nearly impossible to advance in without spending cash.  I’m getting close in Candy Crush and Farm Heroes too.

I like advancing in games, not standing still for weeks at a time.

In reality people, King makes enough money on in-game advertising so don’t fall for the “buy power-ups” trap. It can make you poor and the King execs richer.

To all you FB gamers out there: Happy gaming.
To all the people who buy power-ups: Quit! While you still can.

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