Posted by: htenhoope | April 18, 2013

Spring 2013

Wow, November since my last blog post.
Well, we had a long cold, windy, and wet winter. It wasn’t bad at all with snow and such but it was just long.
Spring just didn’t want to start.

Last year the tree in our front yard was blooming in the middle of March. This year it wasn’t until the middle of April.
In Washington, DC they had the Cherry Blossom Festival without the Cherry Blossom around the tidal basin.

Now, finally spring has started and we’re getting some warmer weather. It started with a bang with a few days of 90 degree weather and then it settled into spring-like temperatures.
Last week I mowed the grass for the first time this season and the trees are starting to fill in with leaves.
This is always a great sight to see everything come back to life.

What has happened since November?
First, I had a wedding to DJ on December 1st for Ashley Anderson. A woman who has been diagnosed last year February with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she is determined to fight it.
It was an honor to be the DJ at her wedding in the beautiful setting of the Historic McFarland House in Martinsburg, WV.

We had Thanksgiving at a friend’s house and it was very nice and Christmas Eve at another friend’s house and Christmas Day at another friend’s house. So, we’ve been running around with the holidays.

On New Year’s Eve I had to DJ at the Western Maryland Sportsman’s Club at the river for their New Year’s Eve Party.
I was sick as a dog but, of course, you do not cancel a New Year’s Eve party. So, kleenex, medicin, and aspirin behind the table I played into 2013.
The next day both Tanya and me ended up in urgent care.
I had bronchitis and upper respiratory infection and Tanya ended up with pleuracy.
This took a couple of weeks to all clear up. Just in time for a wedding on January 19.

Today the amount of bookings for 2013 has tied the total bookings for 2012 and it’s only April.
I’ll have my first “wedding season” gig this Saturday in Martinsburg, WV and others are following frequently.

Ralph has joined the DJ-side of the business and he’s also going to help DJ some gigs. I’m very excited about this because it results in less no’s that I have to give.

All in all, we’re just going on with our daily life and tomorrow our oldest kitty, Mika, is turning 18!!!
Happy Birthday, Mika.

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