Posted by: htenhoope | November 8, 2012

Elections over, now let’s unite again

So the elections are over and America has chosen to keep Barack Obama in office for another 4 years.
I know that many don’t agree with this decision and that’s the beauty of our democracy. We CAN have our own opinions and beauty of this country is that we can express them freely.

I’ve seen many politically oriented and motivated posts on Facebook. Positive and negative.
Negative expressions, I believe, is the sign of the times we are living in.  There’s a lot of negative going on in the world and in our country these days.
We have wars being fought, an economy that seems to be in a low standstill, high gas prices, higher prices in the grocery stores, high unemployment, a big deficit.

I can say, understandably people tend to be negative in difficult times like this.
But only if you let yourself.
In times like these I try to ban negativity from my own life by looking at the good things I have in life or count my blessings if you’d like to put it that way.
Good things in my life, my health (even though my age does bring some quirks in health), my beautiful wife whom I love dearly and unconditionally, my kittykids as I call them, my work (even though it has declined), my hobbies, a roof over my head and food on the table, my family (my mom and dad, sister and brother, and extended family), my friends, the joy I get from a beautiful rising and setting sun, my freedom, and my music.

Now that the elections are over we can do two things:

1. We can continue to be negative about the results
2. We can turn that negative energy into positive energy and unite again for the future.

The second option will also show politicians that Americans can work together, be friends, and be nice regardless of political opinion. Maybe that will trigger something in them saying if the American people can unite then why can’t we. And then, maybe, they will actually unite and as a team work on and fix the issues our country is facing.

I myself had not had any say in these elections and kind of looked on from the sideline because as a legal immigrant with Dutch citizenship I’m not allowed to vote in federal elections.
I just want to say that I don’t really care who gets in office.
As long as that person can bring the two parties together and work as a team then that person will have my support.
I do think our economy should be priority #1 and all the other little things can wait unless absolutely necessary.

It’s now November 8 and I’m preparing for a wedding to DJ this Saturday. It’s gonna be a fun wedding: 80’s theme.
That’s my era! Love the 80’s music and it’s gonna be a great time.

Ciao for now my friends (democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, etc. I love you all)
Until next time.

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