Posted by: htenhoope | October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

October 10.  Fall has really started, leaves changing and some trees are already shedding their leaves.
A sign that winter is on its way.  Many of you know that I don’t particularly care for winter but do love the sight and view of a nice snow fall, but hate cleaning it from the driveway.
I don’t like cold weather but we do get it here in the winter and it’s coming.

A couple of days ago we turned on the heat for the first time this season. Temps dropped to about 36 degrees at night which cools the inside off pretty quick.

I mowed the grass last week (I’m thinking the last time, but it’s warming up some again so I may have to mow one more time).

Last Saturday I had to DJ a wedding in Mount Savage, MD near Frostburg.
The location and venue was absolutely gorgeous.  It was held at the Castle Bed and Breakfast which is a historic house.
Here are some pictures.

This was the Castle Bed and Breakfast in Mount Savage, MD
This was our setup in the tent for the wedding
It was a successful performance and received many compliments after it was over.
I always enjoy DJ’ing, I enjoyed it in the 80’s and enjoy it again now.  It’s always good to be around happy people and I love giving people a good time.
I received a wedding request for December 1st from a 26 year old woman named Ashley Anderson.
Her request ended with a URL and Internet dude as I am had to check that out.
Turns out this woman has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
For those who don’t know, with stage 4 it is inoperable and there’s only a survival rate of 5%.
With this stage they talk about months to live not years.
Ashley is fighting it, she’s determined to “kick” it.  I invite everyone to go to her website and follow her blog.

She booked the DJ service for her wedding at the McFarland House in Martinsburg, WV.  I love that place.

I have a wedding again on Saturday in Greencastle, PA.  One of the photographers of the Public Opinion (newspaper in Chambersburg, PA) is getting married and the reception is in a tent at a private residence.  Might be a little chilly but what the heck, cool thing is I can come casual (jeans!!).  I like those gigs.

I also put in a few bids on on different events around the area.
And finally I got back in contact with Matt, one of the DJ’s of Pastimes Cafe (a place I hung out when I was living in Frederick).  His wife Nicole messaged me on FB and asked if I was available on the 13th for a wedding as they were in a bind.  I already had a wedding myself so I had to decline but told her to keep me in mind if that happens again.
She also asked if I would be interested in DJ’ing at Pastimes some times.  I said yes.
Matt already asked me to start last Friday night but I had maintenance that night.

It would be pretty cool to actually DJ at the place I used to hang out myself. A public gig I can actually tell people about and have them come on over.

Okay enough again today, gotta get back to work.
Ciao friends.

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