Posted by: htenhoope | September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

Wow!  I haven’t wrote anything on here since December 4th of last year.

 A lot has happened since.  We got through the year of “firsts” since mama died.
It was tough for Tanya: 4th of July, Labor Day, Tanya’s birthday, dad’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, my birthday, Mama’s birthday, and Memorial Day (she died a couple of days after Memorial Day).
It still doesn’t get easier for Tanya, she still missed her mom every day but she’s dealing with it.  She has been seeing a counselor of the Hospice and a loss of parenting group.
Of course it didn’t get any easier for her when dad died, dealing with the estate, the house, the kitties. She did get a lawyer to help with the estate but still needs to do a lot herself.
I can only help her so much, a lot she has to do.
We had to have little Munchkin put to sleep as she suffered a stroke and was falling over all the time.  That combined with the enema every 6 weeks was causing a lot of discomfort and pain, the vet said.  It was tough, but she’s back with mom and dad and they’re loving on her.
We did find a new home for Foxy through the vet’s office, so at least one of the cats found a new home.  We’re glad she found a loving home with people in it.
Separation was tough on Tanya, another little loss.
We did bring mama’s ashes home before Christmas. Still in the plastic container she came in from the funeral home but she’s home.  Tanya just hasn’t been able to come up with a perfect design for her urn.
Okay, so Christmas came and went.  Not the same but we were invited and went to friends and had a reasonably good time (as much as we could have a good time after a dreadful year).
New Year’s Eve just went by.  I was supposed to have a New Year’s Eve gig but that got called off at the last minute so we stayed home.
New Year’s Day, Carol and Ralph came and we had dinner like we used to have with mom and dad.  That was nice, though hard for Tanya.
The Redskins had a horrible season and ended up dead last in the division (again!).
Winter has almost been non-existent.  Hardly any snow (which was fine with me), though we had some cold days and nights.
In the spring I started to get busy with gigs (especially May and June were busy with weddings).
I started planning a surprise 50th birthday party for Tanya back in March and got the Elks reserved for September 7th and started inviting people.
I created a special life video with short video message from a bunch of people, some home videos of Tanya as a child and lots of pictures of Tanya as a child thanks to mama who kept a lot of pics of Tanya in her albums. She was the apple in mama’s eyes.
The pool opening took a while as I had to shock the crap out of it but got it clear and clean.
We didn’t swim in it much this year either and I start wondering if I should even bother opening it up next year.
I had some gigs through the summer, even one in a barn without A/C in 100 degree weather but it was fun.
This month I got busy again with weddings (seems spring and fall are big for weddings).
September 7th we had Tanya’s surprise birthday and she was totally surprised. She had such a great time.  At first she dreaded going to the Elks (we got her there because a permanent plaque was to be revealed in honor of mom behind the bar).
Once we got there, the surprise was complete and she did enjoy herself among all her friends (and some family).
The life video (with videos of her childhood (with mom in it) was very emotional for her as was the special dedication videos I made and showed for mom and dad.
All in all, a great success and good time.  I hope that broke the ice a little for her to be able to go to the Elks a little easier as well.
I closed the pool again as the nights are getting colder (41 degrees this morning) and the daytime temperature is just not high enough to warm it up anymore.
So, now we’re here and it’s today.  They’re saying winter could be like 2009/2010 in which we saw three big snow falls (two of them back-to-back).  I hope not but we’ll deal with it when it does. I’ll believe it when I see it.
I still have a few gigs scheduled for this year and already have two booked for June of next year (and potential one in March).
I did do one for Tanya’s work’s conference in Western Maryland during a social mixer last week outside. It was chilly but we had fun.
That was also the debut of the karaoke and I’m trying to market that to local establishments to see if I could maybe land a weekly karaoke show.  That would be cool.
Okay, I wish peace to the world and love in our hearts. Until the next time. Ciao!

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