Posted by: htenhoope | November 24, 2011

November 23, 2011

It’s now the evening before Thanksgiving.
That was a holiday we would spend with dad because mama always had to work at the Elks.
We would get up early and I was in charge of cooking the turkey. Tanya would prepare the rest of the food.
Then by mid-day dad would arrive and we would eat around 1’ish.

This year the joy of preparing for Thanksgiving is gone. Taken away by a year of great loss in our lives.
At first I wanted to just stay home and spend it like any other ordinary day.
But the plans are different, we received an invitation from friends to come and spend Thanksgiving with them and their family. I was reluctant at first but Tanya seemed to have the desire to be among people to try to get her mind occupied with other things.
I feel that Tanya needs that and I will support whatever she feels she needs because her pain is far greater than mine. I’m sure we’ll have some good time tomorrow as we always enjoy being with these friends.
I’ll miss cooking the Turkey, something I always enjoyed doing. Just as I managed to perfect it.

Since dad died a lot has happened. We have dad’s ashes with us at home in the stein he wanted his ashes to be kept in on the mantel above the fireplace.
Mama’s ashes are still with the funeral home director as Tanya wants to perfect the cat pictures she wants on the urn for mama. For Tanya that has to be absolutely perfect. If we don’t get the design done before Christmas we’ll bring mama home in the container she came in from the crematory.

We’re going to different places trying to get the house and estate matters all in order but that hasn’t gone as smooth as we would have liked. We’re having a meeting with a lawyer on December 5th who is specialized in these matters. Hopefully we can get some answers from him to guide us.

In the meantime we’re driving to mom and dad’s house every night to feed the kitties and a neighbor there feeds them in the morning.
We’ve been trying to find homes for them, even through a facebook page I created but have been totally unsuccessful.
We contacted several no-kill animal shelters but that has fallen onto deaf ears, no response from them. One shelter did respond but they just had to help house 86 cats in Frederick County they found in a home neglected.

All-in-all it has been a struggle between trying to find homes for the kitties, dealing with the house/estate thing, and the pain of missing mama and dad.

I miss you mama and dad. So much.

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