Posted by: htenhoope | October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Pictures were made on the front porch when I woke up (1st one) and the second one a little later.

Mike came with his computer this morning. It was making some noise and would shut down unexpectedly.
I suspected the CPU fan not functioning or malfunctioning causing overheating of the CPU.
When I opened it up, the CPU fan was full of dust and it wasn’t spinning at speed so that explains the overheating.
I replaced it with a new CPU fan and it was spinning good. I suggested to Mike to place the computer under the desk rather than wide open near the door where everyone (including the dog goes by).

Sara came to clean and I went to pick up Tanya to bring Munchkin to the vet appointment at 1:30 for her enema.
As soon as we got to the house Munchkin took off and hid.
We just sat in the living room and waited. After a while Munchkin came out of hiding and we were able to get her in the carrier.
We drove to Waynesboro, PA and brought her to the vet. We asked him about looking out for homes for the cats and he also said that it would be hard to find homes especially for Munchkin giving that she is 15 and has the health problem she has.
This started us thinking about having her put to sleep but we decided to have the enema done and wait hoping there would be someone that would take her.
Plus I just couldn’t make that decision. I think Tanya was looking for me to kind of take the reigns in this decision but I just couldn’t.
I know she must be lonely but she’s eating and kind of warming up to us and we have to feed the other cats anyway so why not let her roam around the house for now.
If she was not eating because of the medical issue or being lonely it would have been another matter.

We left her at the vet for the enema and went to eat at Tony’s (mom and dad’s favorite restaurant). I had Ziti with meat sauce and Tanya had lasagna.
After that we went to the funeral home and picked up dad’s ashes.
Not all of his ashes fit in the stein so that was left in the plastic container that it came in from the crematorium.
We carried dad out in a plastic bag and it was a hard moment for Tanya. I held her for a moment before we entered the car.

We the went to Act II, Tanya had some clothes to drop off.

After that we went to pick up Munchkin at the vet again and bring her back to mom and dad’s house.
When we arrived at the house I said: “We got you back home, dad. A week late but you’re home again”.
We fed the rest of the kitties and went back home.
We put dad’s ashes on the mantel in the kitchen above the fireplace.

I posted on Facebook: “Aneurysms SUCK!”

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