Posted by: htenhoope | October 25, 2011

October 18, 2011

Today I didn’t go to ACCE because we had an appointment at Rest Haven for the arrangements.

We met with the funeral director after we fed the cats at the house and aunt Dee and aunt Linda, Dale and aunt Linda’s daughter also came to the funeral home because they wanted to see dad one more time.
We went over all the personal information of dad and made all the arrangements and then we all went in to see dad one more time.
He was laying on the gurney with a sheet or blanket over his body. I could feel that his body was still in a body bag under the blanket.

His head was the only part that was visible.

I kissed him again on his forehead which was now cold as ice but his skin was still soft. I told him again that I would take care of his little girl.

He was laying there so peaceful.

We stood around there for a while just talking about his life and bringing old memories up.

His sisters took it both very hard.
When we walked out I looked back one more time and whispered: “Goodbye dad, I’ll see you again one day”.
They then took us on the cemetery where dad had pre-arranged a stone/plaque for him and mom even though they were both not being buried there.
He just wanted to provide a place for people to come in remembrance and special occasions. His intentions were good though not understood during his lifetime.
It was a beautiful stone and I could see that they had just recently put mom’s date of death on the stone as the dirt around the stone was still fresh.
It didn’t even get the chance for the grass to grow back around it and now they have to take it out again and put dad’s date of death on it.

After we got back home we went through the fireproof box to find information that the funeral home still needed.
We then went back to the house to feed the cats early and we picked up the stein where dad wanted his ashes to be kept in.
We spoke to the neighbors there and one of them was going to feed the cats in the morning while we will do it in the evenings.
We then went back to the funeral home to give the funeral director the missing information and the stein and we went over the obituary one more time before they would send it to the newspaper.
They also gave us the flag from the Veterans Administration to display during the service.

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