Posted by: htenhoope | October 22, 2011

October 17, 2011

3:30 in the morning dad called us awake to ask us to take him to the VA emergency room in Martinsburg.
Our first reaction was, oh no he’s seeking attention again.
He complained about pain in his back going to the front.
We got dressed, got gas and went up to his house to pick him up.
When we got there we asked if we should take him to Meritus instead but he told us that he would have to pay extra for any kind of service they would provide.

We drove down to Martinsburg and he was talking in the car and giving me directions.
He did moan a little every now and then of pain.
I told him the Redskins lost yesterday and he said he didn’t see it so I told him they changed the QB in the 4th quarter.

When we got to the hospital I drove up to the entrance of the ER and he walked in by himself and signed himself in at the reception.
They asked him to wait in the waiting room but he said he couldn’t.
He told him about his aneurysm as well.
Then the nurse or resident came and took him in a wheel chair to another room to take his vitals.
When they were done the nurse took him in the emergency room and put him on a bed.
They put an IV in his arm and gave him some pain medicine and that took the edge of for him and he dozed off a little.
They took his blood for testing and they were going to do a CT scan as well.
While we waited we joked a little. I told him that I could knock him out and put up my fist but said that when he would wake up he would have pain somewhere else too.
Since we only got 2 1/2 hours of sleep dad told the nurse to give us some of that medicine too.

They took him for the CT scan and Tanya and I dozed off a little while he was away.
We woke up up when he got back because he was screaming of pain.
They put him down on the bed but he said he couldn’t breathe and had pain and begged for pain medicine.
But they needed a good blood pressure reading before they could give him medicine and he wouldn’t stay still.
He would sit up, stand up, lay down over and over because he was trying to find a comfortable position.
The blood pressure machine wouldn’t give an accurate reading and they were trying and finally got the old-fashion hand reader out.
His blood pressure had dropped dangerously low to 50 over 20-some.
They gave him and oxygen mask and immediately got fluids in him.
At that point there were 5 people working on him in the room and Tanya and I just looked at each other like “what the heck is happening here”.
They asked us to step out into the waiting room saying they had to take his pants off and they would bring us back in a little while.
Thinking about that now it was an excuse to get us out of the room because I think that they were dealing with a life threatening situation there and didn’t want us to be there.

We went back to the waiting area and after about 15 minutes the volunteer came up to me and said someone would be coming to get us soon.
We waited about 15-30 minutes longer and the doctor came out. She took us in a separate room and told us that his aneurysm ruptured and dad’s heart had stopped twice and both times they were able to get it started again but it stopped a third time and they (two other doctors, one of which a vascular surgeon) were still working on him but that it didn’t look promising.
At that point the other two doctors knocked on the door and told us that they couldn’t bring him back and he died.
We were in such a shock. Going from him walking into the hospital by himself to gone in a matter of a couple of hours is just unbelievable.

While they were cleaning him up the chaplain came and talked to us. I had called my mom and dad to tell them and also called Sara as she was supposed to come clean dad’s house today.
After they cleaned him up the chaplain took us to see him and he was laying on that bed so peaceful with his head tilted to the right.
He was still warm. I kissed his forehead and told him the same thing I told mama that I would take care of his little girl.
The chaplain prayed with us at dad’s bed side.
We said goodbye to dad again and collected his things and went up to an administrative office for some paperwork.

We then drove back home (we needed to go to the house to get his paperwork for the funeral home but I needed coffee first).
Tanya called Kenny to let him know as he was taking dad’s truck for an oil change.
After we got coffee we drove to the house and Carol and Ralph met us there.
We found the fireproof box with all his papers so we could call Rest Haven for the arrangements and to have dad picked up at the VA hospital.
We fed the cats as well.

We made an appointment with Rest Haven for 11:00 AM tomorrow morning.
The rest of the day was pretty much filled with telephone calls and just absorbing the shock.

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