Posted by: htenhoope | October 9, 2011

October 8, 2011

Wow, I haven’t posted anything since June 30th.

Well, here we go:

What has happened since. Not a whole lot. Our summer has been uneventful to say the least.
It was not the summer we’d hoped it would be. I have not enjoyed summer this year like I usually do.
Clearly there is a big gaping hole in our lives that just doesn’t go away even if we wanted to.
I talk to mama every day and miss her every day.
If I miss her that much I can not even imagine how Tanya must feel.
My heart hurts for Tanya.

Okay, what have been the highlights of this summer:

1. My family came over in June. Have not enjoyed it as much but certainly it was good to have them around in a difficult time. They arrived one day after mama died.
2. The end of July Tanya and I went away for a few days to Atlantic City and gambled a little. We lost but we got to see Straight No Chaser, an a-capella group we like in concert and saw the Harry Potter movie in 3D.
3. July 30th we went to a wedding of a daughter of good friends of ours.
4. We went to Possum Holler concerts several times this summer. Possum Holler is a local band we like and this year is their final year. The lead singer suffers from Scleroderma and can no longer continue with the band.
5. August 23 we had an earthquake in Virginia and it was felt all over the east coast. I was sitting behind my monitor and all of a sudden my monitor was moving and I felt everything shake. A very strange feeling.
6. We went to the wedding of Tina, Tanya’s used-to-be step daughter, and I was the wedding photographer.
7. On September 9, Tanya’s birthday I had to play at a friend’s birthday party as the DJ. That went well.
8. On September 24 I had to play at a wedding in Charles Town as the DJ. This went very well except for the fact that one of my speakers’ power supply blew. Not cool. I was able to continue on one speaker but didn’t want to push the volume in fear of losing that one too and end up without music. I ordered another spare speaker to cover in future gigs. I’ll ship the broken speaker back to the manufacturer as it is still under warranty.

Now it’s October 8 and we’re having a whole week of beautiful 70’s degrees weather which I am enjoying as much as I can because soon it will be cold.
I’m already looking at snow blowers to be prepared for winter. I have a plow for the tractor but the tractor is just not powerful enough to push the amounts snow we sometimes get. I figure a good snow blower will throw the snow away from the driveway rather than push it to the side.

Tomorrow we are going to the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV to watch the final performance of Possum Holler. I have a feeling that it will be packed for that performance. The weather is going to be awesome so I expect a lot of people.

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