Posted by: htenhoope | June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

Here we are again.
This time with not so good news.

Last Wednesday afternoon Tanya’s mom was rushed to the hospital.
We rushed to the hospital and when they were done with Mama they came and spoke with us.
They told us that she had a big brain bleed and were going to airlift her to Baltimore, first they said University of Maryland but that changed to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore as there were no beds in the University hospital’s ICU.
John’s Hopkins is the no.1 hospital in the nation for in neurosurgery so that was a good thing.
They flew her there by helicopter.
We did get to see her before she left and they had already put a drain in to drain the blood from her head. There was blood between the skull and the brain.

We drove to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore right away that evening and got there around 11:00 pm.
At that time she was already in the neurological ICU hooked up to all the machines and drainage systems.
She is also hooked up to a breathing machine that breathes for her.
We spoke with the emergency neurosurgeon that night and he explained that she was very critical.

Tanya stayed in the hospital all that night while dad and me drove back home to take care of the cats and I had a doctor appointment the next morning to have some stitches removed from my foot.

After my appointment the next morning dad and I drove back to Johns Hopkins.
By that time they had already done an angiogram which confirmed that she had an burst aneurysm (Subarachnoid Hemorrhage).
That afternoon they inserted coils into the aneurysm which form a blood clot to prevent it from re-bleeding and this was successful.
They told us that she had already had several miracles that first day.

Since then not much has changed. She is still in the ICU on all sorts of monitors and the breathing machine which does allow her to take some breaths of her own and every now and then she actually does take a breath of her own which is encouraging as that indicates that part of the brain functions.
She moves her left arm and hand as well as both her feet. The right arm and hand not so much.
She does open her eyes sometimes, especially when they are turning her but quickly falls back to sleep.
They do keep her comfortable with meds that keep her out most of the time.
We have not seen any signs of recognition just yet but it is all so early.

She has now entered the next critical stage as this time period (4th day after the burst until the 21st day) the risk of vasospasms of the arteries (clamping down of the arteries in her head) are the highest which can cause strokes.

It all came so unexpected. She was busy as usual on Wednesday, even helped dad with the air conditioners and all of a sudden she yelled to dad from her room to call the ambulance.
It is just so unreal to see such a strong and lively woman lay in a hospital bed totally helpless. It’s very hard to see her like that.

The latest news from yesterday is that she appeared less responsive than previous days to the nursing personnel so they are going to inject a dye in her arteries in the brain to get a very good look at her arteries with a CT scan to make sure there is no vasospasms going on. They did all that yesterday afternoon.
Of course any procedure in her condition is not without risks and they have to ask for our consent.
Turned out that the left side of her brain is swollen and she is having the vasospasms which can be very dangerous in her condition. They’re keeping her blood pressure up to try to prevent the arteries to clamp down which will prevent blood flow to her brain.

Eeveryone, please keep praying for mama. She needs all the help she can get.

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