Posted by: htenhoope | March 5, 2011

March 4, 2011

Hey everyone:

I haven’t posted anything since October. Wow, I should keep up with this a little better.

Okay, let’s what has happened since.
Of course first we had Halloween on October 31st. We don’t see much of that here (none at all) since we live in the country and our driveway is a 1/4 mile long.
In the neighborhoods you’ll see kids dressed up going door to door to collect candy.

In November we had Thanksgiving. Always a big holiday with the family. We prepared a nice meal here at home and had Tanya’s dad over (her mother always works on Thanksgiving).
I cooked the turkey and Tanya took care of the rest and after dinner it’s football watching time and a little nap on the couch.

Then the Christmas madness starts, people go shopping like crazy and the stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a mad house.
I did all my shopping on-line with the exception of the stocking stuffers, I got those on December 24 at the drugstore.

Anyway, Christmas was very nice. Tanya and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spent with Tanya’s mom and dad at their house with more gifts to exchange and a very nice turkey and ham dinner.
What did I get for Christmas, well too much to mention and too long ago to remember it all exactly, but here are a few things I do remember:
I got coveralls for the snow clearing, lots of Redskins stuff, boxer shorts, a digital photo frame, a new leather jacket, a civil war calendar, DVD’s, a tiger statue and lots of other things.
Tanya’s dad made a wooden sign for on top of the grill that says Henk Master Griller. That’s so cool.
We even had a little bit of snow on Christmas morning to be able to call it a white Christmas.

I got Tanya all sorts of photo items, the traditional Year Book of the past year in photos, a mug with photos of all her cats on it, a mouse mat with photos of all the cats, and I finally made the wedding album. I also got her a watch with her name engraved inside.
All in all, it was a very wonderful Christmas.

Then we had New Year’s Eve which Tanya and I just celebrated at home, just the two of us. Very nice.

Then it was January and we had our first significant snowfall of the year, my birthday which we celebrated with a nice dinner with Tanya’s mom and dad in a restaurant here in Hagerstown.

February went with a couple of more snow storms but not as bad as last year, thank God.
I did have to use the tractor with the plow to clear the driveway and we had some snow days here in the county where schools were closed.

Now we have arrived in March and I am anxiously looking forward to spring and summer (my favorite seasons, especially summer).

I’ve booked flights for my family (my mom, dad, sister, and brother) to come here and visit us in June for two weeks.
It’s been two years and I do miss them so it will be absolutely wonderful to welcome them here again.

This week was a rather tough week.
On Wednesday I had a routine eye exam at the eye doctor and they dilated my eyes to have a good look and re-measured my eyes again, a little adjustment on the left contact lens and I was back home.
That night all of a sudden lights went out in my left eye (total vision loss in one eye).
Tanya was noticibly worried and I didn’t worry about a thing, it was to me just inconvenient.
We went to bed and the next morning I woke up and I was able to see again.

To ease Tanya’s mind I made another appointment with the eye doctor to have it checked.
Again my eye was dilated and this time the eye doctor noticed a hemorrhage in my left eye which wasn’t there the day before.
He didn’t seem too worried about it but wanted to have a retina specialist take a look at it just to be sure.
Made the appointment for today and I went in this afternoon.
Again dilating my eyes and he looked and saw the hemorrhage. He said that it looked like a vessel pushed another vessel down causing it to burst and cause the hemorrhage.
I got dye injected in my bloodstream and they took pictures of the inside of my eye which was cool as shit but I couldn’t see much for a short while afterwards because of the bright flashes of the camera directly in my eye.
We then looked at the pics together, the doc and I and there was no blockage that caused it so we’re good.
The hemorrhage is far enough from the retina not to cause any vision problems and should go away by itself.
Follow-up appointment in two months.

Now I just finished the Monthly Maintenance on my clients’ servers and I am going to bed.
Good night y’all.

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