Posted by: htenhoope | August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Okay, a new week has started.
This past weekend I was sick. I have a summer cold and it’s no fun.
Saturday I slept most of the day and yesterday I still felt lousy and couldn’t get anything accomplished.
I did feel a little better later in the afternoon, good enough to take a dip in the pool as the weather was still wonderful.

I spoke with my cousin in Winsum, Groningen whom I haven’t spoken to in about 20 years.
That was awesome to hear her again. She was doing great and I was pleased to hear that.
I also spoke to another cousing in Zaandam (haven’t seen him for probably 15 years). That was great too.

All in all it’s been lousy weekend feeling sick when it’s 95 degrees out but talking to my cousins on the phone was the highlight.

Now this is a new week, and it’s maintenance week which means I’ll be working Friday evening performing maintenance on my clients servers.
Today the forecast is sunny and 95+ degrees and it’s going to be like that for the rest of the week. That means I will still enjoy the pool.
Next weekend is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. I don’t want summer to end. I still have nightmares about the February snow. Not ready for cold weather yet. I like warm weather too much.

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