Posted by: htenhoope | August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Okay, it has been another month already since I posted something again.

Let’s see what happened during the past month.
Well, first Tanya and me drove to Milwaukee, WI the beginning of this month where one of my clients had their annual convention and I had to set up the networking, remote access and printing for my client’s staff there in the convention center.
While Tanya enjoyed herself visiting the Harley Davidson museum, downtown mall, and the casino, I worked.

When we came home, we prepared for the visit of my friend Lucy and her kids from Holland.
They were going to visit and stay with us for 11 days.
They arrived on Monday the 9th and left again on Friday the 20th.
We had a great time with them. The kids (and us) enjoyed the pool very much and we took them to a couple of places like the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Adventure Park USA, and a Frederick Keys baseball game on fireworks night.
I hadn’t seen Lucy in 26 years so we spend a lot of time catching up and it was certainly strange to me to see her as a mom as she was still a teenager when we last saw each other.
Her kids are such sweet kids and it was easy to fall in love with those kids.

After they left it was back to normal again and work as usual.
Last night I worked until 3AM to finally finish a project that took almost 6 months to plan and prepare for. It went very well and now I’m finishing up some additional upgrades associated with it.

Tanya is doing well, she’s battling a cold now and I’m also feeling a bit stuffy.
Tanya just had an interview this morning for a new position at her current employer. Everyone cross your fingers that she will get the job.

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