Posted by: htenhoope | July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow, I haven’t posted anything in almost two months.

Okay, let’s catch up:
Since the last post a lot has happened. The craziest thing was of course the world cup madness.
I was completely going nuts over Holland winning all the games and was celebrating every match they won quite extensive.
So extensive that my wife, Tanya, thought I had completely lost my mind.
Holland ended up playing in the finals against Spain on July 11 (which was also my first wedding anniversary).
We decided to have our anniversary dinner a day early on the 10th since we had some friends coming over to watch the game on the 11th together with Tanya’s parents.

Well everyone knows the outcome of the game and it was very disappointing but yet, Holland was still the 2nd best in the whole world. On its own a very good accomplishment which was celebrated hugely in Amsterdam two days later.

Okay, so Tanya and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we had a nice dinner in the restaurant where we ate the night I proposed to her in 2008.

In the meantime we have had several weeks of very warm weather around and over 100 degrees. For the Dutch friends that is close to 40 degrees Celcius.
We had little or no rain which means the grass has completely turned brown.
I haven’t mowed the grass in about 5 weeks which is a shame because I love to mow the grass.

Of course I have during those warm days used the pool extensively and really enjoy diving in the pool after I come home from a client.

Now where preparing for the arrival of a friend from Holland in about two weeks with her two little kids. I haven’t seen her in 26 years so that will be nice to just chat again.
I’m looking forward to introducing Tanya to her.

Right now both Tanya and me are battling one of those summer colds which, of course, is no fun when it is warm outside. As I look at my weather station, today it’s already up to 95 degrees (35 celcius).

Here in the US we had our 4th of July celebration but Tanya and I didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t want to fight the crowds, so we just stayed home and cooked on the grill and had our own cookout and enjoyed the pool.

Well, that was it again for now, until next time.

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