Posted by: htenhoope | May 24, 2010

A look back on the winter 2009/2010

The winter really started mid-December with our first significant snow fall.
A good 2 or 3 feet of snow fell during a weekend.
Look at the short video after the December blizzard.

January 2010 was relatively quiet other than the occasional flurries and cold weather.

Then came February. Well we were in for a treat, if you can really call it that.
We had no idea what mother nature had in store for us.
Mid February we got blasted by two back-to-back blizzards shattering records all accross the state of Maryland.
The first one dumped about 2 feet of snow.
Look at the video right before last one started.

Then came the third snow fall and it was only about four days after the last one.
During those four days the snow melted a little bit but the last one dumped another 3 feet.
I can tell you that my back hurt for weeks after trying to dig out of two major blizzards.
Look at the video after the third blizzard.

Schools were closed for more than a week.

I even had a live phone interview with CNN Headline News.
Look at the video of the CNN HLN phone interview.

I’m glad this winter is over, it was fun the first blizzard and even the second one but the last one was too much.
I’m ready for summer, the pool, the grill (even though I grill all year long), and party.
Come on hot weather!

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