About me….

This is me.

Okay, I’m born and raised Dutch. Yes, I am from the Netherlands.
Born in 1964, grew up in Holland near Amsterdam.
Moved to the USA in 1997 and started my own IT support business in 2004 called Triple Technologies.
I split up the business in 2012 into three divisions and added two of my hobbies as service to the company.
Entertainment, the DJ service and Production, the photo and video production service.

Hobbies are of course computer stuff, music, DJ’ing, photography, videography, production work with photos and videos.
I love all sorts of music and in my car I mostly listen to country music because it is widely available in the are I live.
My favorite color is red.  I love cheese and potato chips and meat (only meat that walks and flies, not the kind that swims).

I am an animal lover and we have several cats.

Married in 2009 to Tanya after two failed marriages and finally found in Tanya the woman I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life.
Just had some broken roads to travel.

I have an older sister and a younger brother and both my parents are still alive and well.
I also had a younger sister but she passed away in 1969.

You’ll find me often on Facebook where I like to hang out and read about my friends’ day-to-day updates.

Politically I am “in the middle”.  I can’t really associate myself with either the Democratic or Republican Party.
Both parties have pros and cons in my eyes and Independents don’t really do much for me.
Currently I don’t really see any candidates that draw my attention.  There’s too much “ME” going on in Washington.
Good thing I’m not allowed to vote since I’m not officially a US citizen yet. Probably good right now as I probably wouldn’t vote at all or do something silly and vote for Santa Claus Yeah folks, there is a guy on the ballot in some states called Santa Claus. He legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

Anyway, this is my blog and enjoy reading about me.
Leave some comments if you like it.

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